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Daniel Centre - the alternative for neuromotor reeducation and recuperation for children under 18.

Operational since 5 June 1993, it had a number of modernization processes. Now it has the most advance technologies and offers optimal conditions for the recuperation process. The center offers:

            ● 3 physiotherapy rooms – equipped with the latest technology, objects and toys, necessary for recuperation of different affections;

            ● 2 offices for psycho-pedagogy therapy – equipped with toys, educative materials, used for different therapies;

            one room for group therapy and social activities;

            one waiting room.

All activities take place in a relaxing atmosphere.

A.S.C.H.N. Bacau is accredited by the Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection, for providing social services from 19.12.2005, also receiving the ‘Certificate of Attaining Standards of Quality concerning social services’

Who do we address to? Our beneficiaries are:

  • babies with psychometric growth problems;
  • children with neuromotor retardation (axial hypotonia, muscular hypotonia);
  • children with language disorder;
  • children with autism, pervasive developmental disorder, Asperger syndrome;
  • children with ADHD ( attention deficit hyperactivity disorder);
  • children with Down syndrome;
  • children with hearing impairment;
  • children with behavioral disorder;
  • children who suffer from obesity;
  • children with neorological affections (paraparesis, hemiparesis, tetraparesis, spina bifida, ataxia syndrome, cerebral hemorrhage, craniocerebral traumas);
  • children with scoliosis, cyphosis, lordosis, dorsalgy, lumbalgy, Scheuermann’s disease, rickets sequela;
  • children with platfus, varus equin (extension of the Achilles tendon), hallux valgus;
  • children with sprains, fractures, cricks;
  • children with muscular dystrophy, spinal amyotrophy;
  • children with palatoschisis.

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Asociatia de Sprijin a Copiilor cu Handicap Neuromotor – A.S.C.H.N. Bacau, este o organizatie neguvernamentala, apolitica, cu caracter umanitar, infiintata pe baza fostei legi 21/1924 prin S.C. nr.174/1990, modificata prin O.G. 26/2000 cu privire la asociati si fundatii publicata in M.O. 39/31.01.2000.

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